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Broads Authority "Sustainable Lifestyle Roadshows 2008"

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During the summer of 2008 we were asked by the Broads Authorities 'Sustainable Development Fund' to undertake a two events for householders and low businesses, one in Norfolk and one in Suffolk.  Both events focussed on providing a free to visit green fair with exhibitions.  At each event over 25 businesses attending showcasing a range of different products and services including;

  • local food producers and sellers, including on the refreshments and traditional three wheeled bike ice cream seller
  • local community groups
  • County andf District Council departments
  • energy efficiency organisations, such as the Energy Saving Trust and the Norfolk Energy Bus
  • renewable energy technology installers, suppliers and training bodies
  • sustainable transport services, such as bike shop and low carbon car options
  • waste management and recycling organisations, including the Suffolk Recycling Bus and Mini Scrapbox Recycling Charity

At both events visitors were able to see the Norfolk from the Air photographic exhibition and find out more about they could reduce their carbon footprint.  Visitors also had the opportunity to complete a 'Carbon footprint questionnaire' and get free lightbulbs, PowerDowns, shower timers and lots of other money saving freebies.  Free bike servicing was also offered on the day.

The carbon footprint from each event was calculated and any positive carbon emissions generated were offset through Climate Care.

Zero Carbon Britain is happy to help your organisation design, co-ordinate and manage your events.  Please contact us for details.