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The BroadSol Self-build Solar Thermal Project has been running in the East of England for nearly 10 years.  Householders from all walks of life and with varying DIY skills have taken part in a weekend workshop to learn about solar and build their systems.  Furthermore once thw weekend workshop is over these self-builders then have the skills to install their solar thermal system in their own homes.  Quite often the friendships made during the workshops lead to small groups helping each other install.

BroadSol has seen over 60 households achieve very cost effect, robust solar thermal systems and the community led scheme has won national awards for its endeavours and achievements.

Workshops are held on a demand basis at schools and community centres central to the geography of the participants.  Groups vary between 8 and 15 people and workshops are both practical and theoretical.  Costs are kept low by bulk buying within the group.

The workshops are led by Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) Lecturer and day time solar thermal engineer Lee Rose.  Systems cost as little as £1,895 including a new hot water cylinder and all the main components you'll need.

For more information please use the contact section or email info@zerocarbonbritain.co.uk